Cake Party Is Here Again!

Cake Party - Carrot cake


Fun & Excitement


Living purposefully & intentionally is the first step to successful living.

This is exactly what Delicatessen cake party is about. To help each participant experience the goodness they bear, and to shine the light from our corner of the world.

So here’ my invitation to you. Join us on April 1st 2023 in Lagos as we celebrate life and deep dive into our essence around a table of cake desserts.

Come let’s get you UNSTUCK!

Delicatessen Retreat & Cake Party

29th April 2023
The Nest, Yaba Lagos.

An experience never to be forgotten!

Get 50% Off, pay


Fee: N50,000 after price slash

Cake Party & Life Coaching

Get Ready, Stay Excited!

Delicatessen NG

Cake Party Lagos