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At Delicatessen, you have a royalty profile and deserve to be treated as one; just right!

Take a seat as we board you onto a rich experience of luxury, excellence and decadent treats that will leave you relishing every bite and asking for more.

On this journey with us, we’ll serve you and help you explore the beautiful world of confection and cake variety.

It’s more than just the yummy bite, it’s the experience of a life time with one of life’s pleasures – CAKES

About Delicatessen

Delicatessen is a food service company which started 2010 in Ile-Ife, Nigeria first as a hobby for the purpose of hosting friends and later evolved into a full time business catering to the needs of many more who deserve to have the delicatessen experience.

We pride in creating and being a part of your happy moments through our offerings of luxury, rich flavors and excellent delivery of Cakes & Confections.
We do not only give you a rich experience, we also deliver to you health and love in each yummy bite, using the finest ingredients.

Our annual cake party, is a full experience of what we represent and your unique opportunity to indulge in our wide variety of cakes in one event with no restrictions. We treat you, tastebuds, mind and spirit to a cozy ambience where you network with like minds and refuel for purpose and your best life.


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Ibukun Ogungbile

Born and raised in a Nigerian home where both parents did a lot of baking she rose quickly to become a food enthusiast and home baker.
She understands the role of baked goods and treats in creating memories, family bonding times and happy moments.
The British Grandmother Ibukun, believes everyone deserves to enjoy full, luxurious and rich cake experiences which she describes as one of life’s pleasures hence the advent of Delicatessen Nigeria. 

Outside of baking, Ibukun holds a Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy, speaks 5 languages and is a certified Integrative Life Coach and Therapist. 

Ibukun is passionate about health and fun, and doubling as a Baker and Pharmacist makes her The Baker to be trusted for healthy cakes and confections. 

She tells stories with baking and promises an experience never to be forgotten with Delicatessen’s varieties. Creativity spirit and elegance which are the trademark of every bite prepared brings true delight to all clients of Delicatessen Nigeria.


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Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm
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